Best Type of Wood for a Cutting Board

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Wooden chopping boards are the most common types of cutting boards you can find today. This is because wood is durable, affordable, and easy to maintain. However, do you know the different types of wood used in the production of wooden chopping boards? This article will reveal the most common types of wood and their benefits. With this information, it will be very easy to determine the best chopping board when buying.

Maple Chopping Board
Maple is among the leading type of wood that is mostly preferred in wooden cutting boards. Most of the boards are made of either the sugar maple wood or hard maple. The good thing about it is that it provides an excellent cutting surface that can withstand daily cutting. Again, it features small pores and closed grain which helps to block bacteria. The other thing is that due to its color, it matches well with your kitchen accessories. However, it is not easy to hide stains from its surface.

Bamboo Chopping Board
This the most eco-friendly type of wood. It is not 100% wood but a type of hard grass. The good thing is that it is renewable and does not require any chemicals to grow. Bamboo tales 3-6 years to mature the whole maple take up to 30 years. Due to their fine grain and light hue, they can be used as a modern serving tray.

Cherry Chopping Board
The most notable thing about cherry is its beautiful appearance. It is a thick slab which is characterized by deep redwood which gives it a fantastic look.

Teak Chopping Board
Teak is an orange-brown hardwood that is commonly found in Southeast Asia. It is resistant to warping and mold. Since it has natural oils and closed grain, it is among the best materials used to make cutting boards. Another thing is that it is scratch-resistant and very strong. However, you will need to sharpen your knife frequently when using it.

Walnut Chopping Board
This one is the opposite of maple since it has soft closed grains. It doesn’t have any effect on your knife but it is not resistant to scratches. Due to its dark hue, it is able to withstand daily stains. It also gives your countertop a nice look due to its beautiful appearance.

Factors to consider when choosing different types of woods for cutting boards

  • Durability – Wooden-cutting boards should be made of long-lasting and sturdy wood. In terms of durability, hardwoods are unbeatable.
  • Safety – Some types of woods can result in contamination of food when exposed to wood dust. Ensure that the type of wood you have selected is very safe and free from contamination.
  • Eco friendly – You need to consider the environmental impact in terms of deforestation and habitat destruction that will be caused by the process of cutting the wood. Bamboo is the most eco-friendly materials.


It may seem almost impossible to differentiate between the different forms of wood used to make chopping guides. However, we hope that after reading this guide, you are now aware of the best type of wood you should consider for a cutting board.


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