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Blu Dot Punk Lamp [Review]

The Blu Dot Punk lamp is design unlike any other. It is so simple yet so elegant and unique. The minimalism speaks for itself and the lamp blends in with every surrounding, may it be an office, a bedroom or a lounge. All while still making itself standout. It is the perfect blend of grace and smoothness. The chrome finish gives it a fancy and classy vibe all throughout. It also has an array of colors going for it, which it is available in. These are copper, white, charcoal, blush, navy and tomato. This allowance for your desired truly allows you to customize the experience and make it feel like your very own.

The company has been very generous in providing options, creating a sense of control and responsibility, which inculcates trust. The material choices are also fine and perfect, as expected. The base and shades are made out of powder coated steel which allows for high durability, knocks longevity of the lamp out of question. The advantage of powder coating is that is allows for a texture smooth to the touch, with no friction. All of this while retaining the chrome finish which appeals to the eye. It has a simple walnut switch and the wire has a cloth finish on the outsides, which gives it a very high-end feel.

The choice of cloth on the wire is a rather functional one , as well, as it helps in keeping the wire, and hence the current flowing through, insulated and clean. This shows that protection for the customer was kept in mind while designing this wonderful lamp. The lamp has a 12 inch diameter and 13 inches in height. This allows for portability and ease of fit in any environment. The convenience of not having to think twice while placing the lamp, is a major plus. The price knocks it out of the park with affordability.

This lamp is a major head turner. The company provides standard shipping with a 30 day return policy as well. Refund procedures are also available. Overall, the lamp is a major win and satisfaction is guaranteed. The bulb is tucked away hidden inside the shade in such a way that it isn’t visible to the eye. So it intensifies and highlights the shade itself. The lamp has a lot going for it.

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  • Quality
  • Price
  • Design
  • Longevity
Multiple Use Lamp
Classy Feel
Small Footprint

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