Can A Duvet Cover Be Used On A Comforter?

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We all know that duvet covers are used on duvets but can they be used on a comforter? The answerer is yes. The process of putting a duvet covers on a comforter is not that complicated. However, you need to follow a few steps. Before anything else, make sure that you have all the important materials you may require to complete this process. You will need a duvet cover, insert like down, spray bottle with lavender water, and iron.

Step 1

Make sure that the duvet insert has a similar size as the cover. Trying to put an oversize comforter in a duvet cover may create a lumpy and uneven fill. This means that it won’t be smooth or may not be flat on the bed. Again, it will not be easy to put the cover on the comforter. Likewise, if you choose a smaller insert, it will easily slip and slide after you have placed it inside the cover. The corners will also pull in and this will make it appear less attractive as it should be due to the concave corners. What we are simply saying is that if you opt to purchase king size duvet covers, you have to look for king size inserts.

Step 2

You need to ensure that the duvet cover is clean before you put it on the insert. After washing, unbutton it and iron or shake it as per the instructions. Doing this will make the cover look nice. When ironing, ensure that you are following the seams of your duvet cover. Having crisp corners and edges will make your work easier when filling the duvet because it will create natural pockets. As a result, the corners and the sides of the insert will fit easily.

Step 3

Unbutton the corners then flip the cover. After this, lay it on the bed. Smoothen the duvet cover by pulling it so that the corners and edges are net and crisp.

Step 4

Place the comforter on the duvet cover. Check whether it has tabs and tie the corners. Also, ensure that the inserts are lined up uniformly. Pick the insert and cover it together as you hold it with one hand on top of the seam to keep them together. Put the other hand inside the bottom and hold the top corners to grasp the insert and the cover. Flip the right side of the duvet cover in by shaking or rolling the cover over the insert.

Step 5

Place the comforter and the duvet cover on a flat surface and button up the base. Hold the top corners and shake them uniformly to distribute the cover. You can use your hands to smoothen it.


Since comforters are a bit hard to maintain, covering them using a duvet cover will be a great idea. However, you need to ensure that you are using the right size. They should not be too small or too big. You can use the loops on the corners of the comforter to keep it in place inside the duvet cover. In case the comforter doesn’t have the loops, you can opt to use comforter clips or grips.


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