How to Clean a Wooden Chopping Board

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If you use a wooden chopping board frequently, you need to know how to clean it thoroughly. If you are not careful, harmful bacteria may develop on the board or it might develop an unpleasant smell. Again, a chopping board may be a breeding ground for various bacteria such as Salmonella, E. coli, and staphylococcus. This means if you don’t know how to clean the board thoroughly, you have a high risk of contracting diseases that are caused by these bacteria.

When cleaning, you will need various cleaning agents that are reliable when it comes to the removal of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. Below are some of the best cleaning agents you should use.

Vinegar – One of the most effective methods of cleaning a wooden cutting board is using vinegar. This cleaning agent has acetic acid which helps to disinfect the board to prevent various food-related diseases. You just need to apply vinegar on a cloth or towel and wipe the board. Apart from disinfecting the board, it also removes odors.

Baking soda- Scrubbing your board frequently with baking soda is among the best ways you can use to keep your board free from bacteria. Baking soda is very safe because it is a natural product. It has some mild alkali properties which means that it can easily dissolve dirt in the water. Another thing is that it is natural and non-toxic. 

Hydrogen Peroxide– When it comes to killing bacteria, hydrogen peroxide is the most effective killer. After cutting meat or chicken, you can just wipe the bard with a cloth containing hydrogen peroxide. However, you have to rinse the board thoroughly after before using it again because hydrogen peroxide is not good for your health.

Lemons – If you are cutting board produces an unpleasant smell after chopping garlic, onions, raw or cooked meat, you may easily get rid of that smell by using lemon. You will just need to cut the lemon into two and rub it on the board. Use a paper towel to dry it after you are done. The citric acid in lemons may not be very effective in sanitizing the board but it helps in removing the bad smell.

Salt – In case you do not have vinegar, you can still use salt. Clean the board using hot water using a wet cloth that is dipped in salt. The best thing about salt is that it is a good abrasive. This means that it is very effective in removing stains and gunk. You can also mix salt with lemon or vinegar to remove odors.


Cleaning a wooden chopping board may seem simple but if you do not have the right cleaning agents, you might be encouraging the growth of bacteria on the board. Cleaning the board by just using water is not enough. However, all the above methods will help you to get rid of bacteria and other harmful organisms from the cutting board. This will in turn prevent cross-contamination and will keep you free from different diseases.


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