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Little Petra Lounge Chair [Review]

&Traditions takes an archaic approach and brings a historical masterpiece back to life. The Little Petra armchair was first designed by a Danish architect Viggo Boesen in 1938. The chair became wildly popular, but due to its lack of availability, it got auctioned for big sums of money. Now thanks to the supreme craftsmanship of &Traditions, the legend has been revived.

The chair is all white, very furry and soft. Comfort is the first priority kept in mind while making this chair and it shows that the company knows how to care for their customer. The material choices that went into making this chair, scream luxury. The base frame of the chair is made of solid beech plywood, which allows for sturdiness and durability in chairs. Plywood is a very strong material, as the wood will not shrink or expand and is very tough.

The seat is covered in CMHR foam and polyester wadding which enables a very comfortable and plush experience. The strong fibers of polyester do not wear down as quickly, and it is flexible and resistant to wrinkles and shrinking. The upholstery fabric is made out of Australian sheepskin which has a curly soft feel and high density. As we can discern, the material used for the chair is carefully selected. Comfort and quality is kept in mind and the company delivers on it superbly. This chair is a definite eye catcher and grabs attention in an instant.

Goes great with all backgrounds and environments. Blends in perfectly with bedroom and lounge settings. The company provides standard shipping and is reliable. The quality you get is amazing and will keep you satisfied. Overall, a great product if you’re looking to take your living area to a whole new level of fancy.

The weight is also very good on the chair. Its 20 kg which is very convenient for ease of movement. Also the ergonomics of the chair allows it to easily fit in most settings. So hand gymnastics are not required with this one. Whether you put it in an office or a living room, it’s going to look fancy no matter what.

The shape of the chair itself is made with care, so it matches the body posture. This allows for many hours of sitting. A great buy indeed.

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  • Quality
  • Price
  • Design
  • Longevity
Very Comfortable
Luxury Materials
Doesn't Meet All Budgets

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