What Goes Inside A Duvet Cover?

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A duvet is used to provide warmth when you are sleeping. You can use either a duvet or a comforter instead of blankets. A duvet is placed inside a removable cover which is known as a duvet cover. Some duvet covers are filled with down. Just like a pillowcase that protects the pillow, a duvet cover provides a layer of protection to the duvet.

One of the major advantages of duvet covers is that they are very easy to clean since they are removable. This also means that you can use different covers to enhance your bedroom’s appearance.

How to Fill Duvet Covers

The process of filling a duvet cover is very simple if you know the steps. However, you will need a few minutes to master the trick.


  • Duvet insert
  • Iron
  • Duvet cover
  • Spray bottle


  • Ensure that the duvet insert has the same size as your duvet cover. Ensure that it is not too big or too small. Filling a comforter using oversize duvet covers will make it look lumpy and will not be smooth. On the other hand, it will slide easily in case it is too small.
  • Before you put the inserts, make sure that the duvet cover is clean.
  • After washing, unfasten the duvet cover and then iron or shake as per the instructions.
  • Follow the seams on the duvet cover when ironing. You also need to check the buttons at the bottom of the duvet cover before ironing. Knowing where the buttons will allow you to avoid them when ironing. Since they are made of plastic, they are likely to melt when subjected to excessive heat and this will ruin your duvet.
  • After you are done with ironing, turn the duvet inside out using your hands and hold the two corners.
  • Flip the duvet cover by laying it on a flat surface. Smoothen the duvet in such a way that the corners and edges become crisp and neat.
  • Place the insert uniformly on top of the duvet cover. Tie the corner tabs in case the insert has them,. Take the duvet insert and place one hand along the seam to keep the insert and the duvet cover together.
  • Put the other hand at the bottom of the cover then hold the top corners to join the insert and the duvet cover.
  • Lay it on your bed and button up the base. Shake it evenly as you hold the corners to distribute the insert within the cover.
  • Unroll it in the opposite direction.

 Wrap up

Most duvet covers are made of feathers, wool, down or synthetic alternative. If you have been struggling to put a duet cover on, you should follow the above steps. You should also follow the same procedure if you are put it on a comforter. However, ensure that it will fit perfectly on the duvet or a comforter. It should not be too big or too small.



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